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We Give You Options!

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Design the Home that you would love with out having to move!  If you like your location      then adding to your home may be the best option.   Re-Design your home so you can enjoy it for years to come.   If you would like additional space and value to your home, then consider us!  From a new makeover, garage space, or mother in-law suite... too extra space for your kitchen or a new level.  We can help plan, and walk you through the process of first steps, design, and financing.  We will work with you to give you the best option for your situation .  Let's Talk!

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A beautiful 3 or 4 Season Porch will light up your home like no other room can. We can help you understand how to tie this new structure into your current home. Want a 3 Season porch to enjoy the Minnesota weather? We can provide solutions for top quality screens and design for your home.  Maybe you want to add some more sqft to your home with a 4 Season porch?  We can help you from start to finish with this addition.   We can help work on a functional design that works for your home.  There are many details in planning a Porch remodel and it will require design.  We have a great partner to help  with design. Call Us for more details!

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